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Trasport to reach St. Petersburg

Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo is an international airport with 151 destinations and 68 airlines. Please, refer to the destination list on the official web-site: destinations.

The city center (Moskovskaya Underground station) can be reached by the Bus or by Taxi. The transfer time is about 35 min. The detailed information about the transfer from/to airport is summarized here.

Rail hub, high-speed train “Allegro”

The Allegro train is a fast way to travel from Helsinki (Finland) to St. Petersburg. The train departs 4 times a day with a transfer time of approx 3.5 hours. Passport and customs controls are organized aboard the moving train and the authorities start inspections already after the train's departure. The train departs from Helsinki rail hub (in a city center) and bypasses a Tikkurila station, which is close to Helsinki airport (15 min by taxi).

Helsinki airport connection options are listed here.

Allegro arrives to St Petersburg-Finlyandsky rail hub, which is located in the city center, Underground station Ploshchad Lenina.


Princess Anastasia ferry connects Saint-Petersburg with Tallin, Helsinki and Stockholm and departs twice a week. Please, refer to the timetable for more details.

Cruise ferries ST.PETER LINE arrive and depart to/from the Sea Station «Morskoy Vokzal». map

Trasport in St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg Underground system is a fast way to navigate within a city. The Underground scheme can be found here.

The ICOE-2017 venue is located at Tekhnologichesky Institut station at the intersection of Red and Blue lines of the Underground in a city center.


We recommend to use a Yandex taxi service. The car reservation and payments can be done online on the web-site or with a mobile application.

Other available taxi services are GETT and UBER.