Visa support

Almost all foreign nationals should obtain an entry visa to the Russian Federation. This can be quickly checked at Timatic web-site.

In order to obtain Russian Visa one should apply to the local Russan Consulate in residence country with a support letter from the Organizing Committee. We provide supporting documents for Humanitarian visas, not touristic or business. The Organizing Committee is able to issue a support letter after the registration fee is paid in full.

Because of the time required for support letter preparation and the following proceedings we set the following deadlines for visa support requests:

Visa deadlines
EU (except UK and Ireland), USA, China, India (simplified procedure) May 1, 2017
All other countries (general procedure) April 1, 2017

Step-by-step visa guide:

  1. Request visa support letter by filling the questionarie in your personal account.
  2. The letter will be ready within 1 week for EU (except UK and Ireland), USA, China, India (simplified procedure); and up to 1 month for all other nationals (general procedure).
  3. The support letter will be sent to you by post. In most cases EU citizens can apply with a printed scan, without waiting for the original paper.
  4. Proceed with all formalities in the local Russian Consulate in your residence country.

The document requirements in the local Russian Consulate are determined by the citizenship, not the country of permanent residence. If you plan to apply in a country different from the citizenship, please note that additional document (e.g. residence permit) may be required.